Do Journals Lead to Synchronicities?




While no one can quite agree on HOW synchronicities happen, even science admits that they do. But what does this mean to you?

How do funny coincidences help you find REAL in the process of daily reflection?

I could direct you to dozens of studies in diverse scientific fields. But I won’t. Synchronicity isn’t about analysis. It’s about learning to trust your own wisdom.

Your inner compass will direct you toward help. And will direct help…toward you.

In fact, just this week, I had the delightful circumstance of meeting up with two famed creatives, Rainer Maria Rilke and Auguste Rodin. Who just happened to have the perfect wisdom for me…at the perfect time.


The Six Figure Club

Threads of synchronicity typically begin in my journal (no surprise). Most recently I had been jawing to the muses about staying true to myself. Focused on two very strong affirmations.

  1. I need to share my words and my art to connect with others on the journey.

  2. I don’t want to sell my soul to the business of entrepreneurship.

I journal about the oppositional forces at work here. I want readers. But I don’t want to sign on with hyped up internet gurus who promise stardust, eternal joy, and entry into the six-figure club.

I’ve learned NOT to claim such battles. Because it is never true that I must choose one side or the other. I choose only to be true to myself.

How about you? Is there a battle of oppositional forces in your life? Who’s pitch is most insistent about what is best for you? Family, culture, friends, social media?

Time to find your own guru. One that offers services for free. But how?



Empty pages beckon. Will you offer yourself this momentary retreat from the deafening calls to conform?


…the soul-deadening homogeny that stands there like a great, stupid thug blocking us from passing through the gate into a life that is satisfying because it is our own.

Jacob Nordby, Blessed Are the Weird





For my first layer, I chose the color of rich clay. Reminding me that I am intimately rooted in the creative process, not the lure of fame and fortune.

Scratching my mark into the dark soil, I promise myself to stay grounded.

Like the lotus flower. Which begins underwater, making its home with muck and mire. Before pushing through to clearer surfaces. And opening to full glory, without stain or spot.


Activate Your Pages

  • In what place or activity do you most feel like you? How do you witness and sustain yourself in this place, regardless of the praise, support, or attention of others?

  • What color is your grounding? Paint it.


It is Between the Lines of Your Notebook That Synchronicities Occur

Once you place your REAL NOW in a journal, whether written or visual, your Intelligent Universe goes to work. Snatching bits and pieces of code from the world around you. And reorganizing it into something deeper, wider, and lighter than your understanding just the day before.

Between My Layers

My mud lay fallow, while I traveled to a sketchbook outing. Along the drive, On Being, with Krista Tippett, interviewing Joanna Macy. A woman who, at 90 years old still holds a fiery love for planet, people, and poetry.

Particularly Rainer Maria Rilke’s poetry. Whom I adore.

Your REAL NOW is a gutsy retelling of the emotions you are currently feeling. About any given circumstance. Including short term annoyances or long term malfunctions. It has no filter. And needs no fixing. All it needs is a witness.



I feel small in Macy’s shadow. But uplifted by her grace. So, it’s no surprise that upon my return home, the threads of synchronicity begin weaving cues and clues into my life.

Beginning with one click, Project Gutenberg. The perfect place to find public domain copies of outdated authors’ works. But instead of finding Rilke’s EPUB file of poetry, I found something quite different.

Or should I say…someone…quite different.

Two for the Price of One

A 1919 translation of Rilke, the poet, writing about Rodin, the artist. I felt like I had won the lottery. After copying an embarrassing number of quotes from the book, the cues of synchronicity told me exactly what to do.



Men did not speak to him. Stones did.
— Rainer Maria Rilke

Of course, I drew Rodin. And quoted Rilke. Because their story is mine.

Rodin, wedged between a rock and a dream, struggling through years of creative isolation. Yet never giving up on the ceaseless call of his soul.

What could he do but the stones that whispered their secrets with such intimacy?


A Roadmap of Synchronicity

Thanks to Joanna Macy’s near century of fascination with Rilke. And Rilke’s devotion to the creative genius of Rodin. And Rodin’s thirteen year self-imposed exile, leading to becoming “the absolute ruler of his own medium,”…I…the humble modern day artist of creative reflection, have gained access to the best life coaching. EVER.

Synchronized creativity. Kinship and wisdom, crossing nations, languages, and timelines.

And you? How will you summarize the shifting layers of life?

  • Where do you find inspiration? What words do you hear from the depth of your soul?

  • If you have no words of your own, ask a poet. They’re quite good at unleashing our hidden dreams.

  • Is there an image, symbol, or photo that represents your burning desire? Or perhaps, your conflict. For if the fires are raging, it is best to let them burn.




Sometimes my words flow back and forth between my written journal and Creative Disruption.

Not this time.

I literally became speechless with the intensity and intimacy of synchronicity.

Laid out it a timeline, perhaps it would not appear miraculous. Just a series of events that I decided to pay attention to.


But in my experience, miracles come in two stages. 1)The surprise. 2)The choice to believe in the personal nature of this surprise.

Regardless of how you view the connected experiences of life, when the gift of wisdom comes your way, you will only know that the message was meant for you…if you know…YOU.

Not some future version of you. Just the YOU that shows up, every single day. To the changing reflections of life.


What if your purpose is simply…the process? If that was true, then you couldn’t get it wrong.