Seeking Motivational Words? Your Best Source May Be the Simplest One


Creative Reflection for Pure & Personal Motivation


When Soul Longs for Just the Right Words

Syllables of grace take me from this moment to the next. Rumi, Rilke, Oliver, and Angelou. Offering up inspiration, motivation, and transformation. In a spoonful of concentrated wisdom creatively shaped as my own reflection.

That’s what poets do.

But what about you…and me? Do we also have a pathway to liberated verse? A way to weave both pain and beauty into inspiration? Or is it far too frightening to wander along the kind of dark edges and deep skies that prompt poetic chivalry?

How much easier it is to cherish their words. Embracing syllables that open and soften, yet sharpen and challenge. Especially when we are weary with trying.

Finding Your Own Words

Behind the voice of our literary motivators is another tone. The whispers of tender wounds and wide angle curiosity. More passionate…and more personal than the lines and meter of another. The language of our very own souls. Poured into our journals each day. It is here that we become poets and counselors.

Lyrical revelation is simpler than you think.

In my own exploration, it arises both intentionally, and naturally from my daily journaling time. As I lean toward the magic of creative reflection.

Finding deeper expressions and powerful clarity can be as simple as moving your words from a stark white page into a wildly colorful emotional exploration.


Motivational Words That Never Fail to Inspire Your Day


Return to Your Journal

  1. Give it Voice

    Do you ever reread your intuitive scribbles and scratches? If not, why not see what arises when you do? Choose today’s page, or random pages from the past….and READ ALOUD. Because…our voices are embodiments of ourselves, whether written or spoken…letting us know we are not alone.

  2. Highlight

    Reading aloud cues your inner contemplative to notice certain words, phrases, or sentences. You may feel them as energetic pushes…in your head, chest, or abdomen. Be prepared for voices of all kinds. Then honor your intuitively penned words with a sweep of highlighter.

    Even the angry ones? Yes. Even the bottom-of-the-pit puddles? Yes. What about the nonsenselines that look more like trampled confetti than the fires of intuitive wisdom? Yes, these too.

  3. Now Reread Your Highlights

    Is there a theme? Or is it a random jumble of ideas pitching for your attention? No worries. In the words of the Beatles…let it be. No filters no fixing. Simply select one choice that you would like to explore further.

  4. Invite Creative Disruption to the Party

    Play with tools and paint (explore model at bottom of page). Remember, it’s not about art. It’s about the art of being you.

    Cut out or write your highlighted selection across the page. And walk away. Surrender to the wisdom of your poet laureate. Or revel in your very own Tony Robbins smackdown. It could go either way.

    In fact, according to research from the California Institute of Technology, the best way to invite innovation into your life is to funnel emotions of all kinds.

    the simultaneous experience of positive and negative emotions–actually fuels creativity more than either extreme on its own.”




I chose three simple tools to begin my exploration:

  • small paint roller

  • scraper

  • bubble wrap


Foundational principles are not meant to be sequential. Apply your own curiosity and see what happens.




No plan whatsoever. Just three colors of acrylic paint, and it’s off to the races.

Have fun…

  • rolling

  • stamping

  • splattering

  • scraping




I don’t always sketch in my journal, but this gentle friend insisted on stopping by for a visit.

Who doesn’t love deer?

But this one gave me fits as soon as the sketch was complete. Twenty painted versions later, I was now firmly outside the nurturing zone of creativity…and into the land of frustration.

Until I heard…


Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.
— Lao Tzu



Although my woodland friend disappeared into the forest, the mountains still called. With a few extra swirls and stamps of paint, voila!

Time to pick and stick my highlighted selection, “You, My Power to Feel.”

Ah….a reverberation of recent Rilke readings. Addressing the same unnamed power and mystical journey of a man who pondered life at the turn of the 20th century.

You, the great homesickness we could never shake off…

Is see the hand of Rilke…and mine…entwined. Creative Disruption at work.

I follow today’s chain of feelings.

Noting first, a free will choice to celebrate my power to feel. A glorious gift for someone who grew up in an emotionless home. Next, inspired creation, a delight to one who was far too serious for far too long. Followed by frustration. Then surrender.

Leading me to feel the wondrous power of my very own motivational words. To uplift and clarify. The kind of poetry that sings a song so directly attuned to my personal path, that I become Robbins and Rilke. Jump starting the next greatest version of myself.


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